Helping Tech Startups Ride the Wave for 30+ years.

Multiple Successful Exits.


We help tech startups launch, grow, navigate change, and prosper.

With the right messaging, branding, positioning, marketing strategy, and communications strategy.

What We Do

Focus on one goal:
helping our startup clients succeed.

Serve as an advisor or advisory board member.

Make critical connections and introductions.

Connect startups to investors
(and take equity in some ourselves).

Find talent and help build teams.

Develop great, enduring brands.

Create positioning that helps startups stand out.

Develop marketing & communications
strategies that connect and engage.

Create buzz ... in never-ending waves.



Graeme Thickins founded GT&A Strategic Marketing explicitly to serve technology startups, well before it was in vogue for marketing firms to do so. He’s had some amazing experiences building value and achieving remarkable results for his clients along the way. He’s devoted his entire career to technology startups, after cutting his teeth at two of Minnesota’s renowned Fortune 500 technology pioneers, Control Data and Medtronic – both highly entrepreneurial, founder-led firms that spawned literally thousands of startups in Minnesota and throughout the U.S.

Graeme has consulted with and advised more than 200 technology startups and corporate ventures over 30+ years that have collectively achieved billions of dollars of shareholder wealth. His clients are founders and C-level execs, and many are serial entrepreneurs that have worked with him over multiple startups.

Graeme is a successful investor in tech stocks and also in selected startups and accelerator funds. In recent years, he began serving as a mentor to certain accelerators, as well as a personal coach to entrepreneurs.
In the past, Graeme has served as an interim marketing or content executive for some of his clients. In addition, his career includes extensive credits as a published writer and analyst. In 2005, he launched a personal blog, now called, and also shares marketing insights on a blog on this web site.

In 2018, he decided to add a new wrinkle to his business by starting to offer his services as an Entrepreneur Coach and launched a new web site for that purpose.

His style is highly collaborative, and he earns most of his business via referral, which brings him a great deal of pride.

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