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What Is a Brand?

In my continuing theme of talking about the basics of marketing in these first posts of my new blog, I’m moving on to a favorite topic: branding. Again, I’m harking back to some notes I made several years ago after studying the writings of many smart people on the topic of what branding (in the corporate and product sense) is…

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Thoughts on the Meaning of Marketing

I’ve been publicly writing and blogging for many years now, actually well before blogs were a thing. I started a tech trends email newsletter back in the late ’90s that was subscribed to by thousands of tech leaders and influentials, all over the country (heaviest in Silicon Valley). That was a trip. I still have a…

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Let’s Talk Marketing!

That will be the focus of this new blog — all things marketing. Yes, this is the first post of my new company blog… which I’m starting shortly after launching my new, improved company web site in recent weeks. That was quite a story in itself, which I wrote about here. That link goes to my personal…

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