Positioning Statement? Tagline? Mantra?

Let’s look at three terms that get tossed around a lot in marketing circles. What do they mean, and how does one differ from the other? Think of them as tools on your marketing toolbox — when would you use one versus the other? Though many may consider these three terms somewhat interchangeable, they really…

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Naming Your Startup: 7 Tips for Success

Once you’ve made the decision to start a new business and have at least the basic resources in place, undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is deciding what to name it. For a task that seems so simple on the surface, most experienced entrepreneurs will admit that they spend an inordinate amount of…

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What Is Positioning?

If there’s a marketing term that gets thrown around more than any other, it’s “positioning.” I can’t imagine a marketing plan out there that doesn’t include it, multiple times. But it’s been used and abused so widely, by so many, for so long that it’s likely many people can’t really articulate what it means or why it’s important.…

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