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GT&A has built a strong ecosystem over the years. Part of that is due to its founder, Graeme Thickins, being an early adopter of blogging and social media.

He’s developed a powerful network of technology industry players over three decades, including serial founders, VCs, angel investors, analysts, editors and writers, and other influentials.

He was able to even more formally organize this network when LinkedIn launched in 2003 (though many of his valuable contacts stretch back well before that). He was also an early proponent of the power of Twitter (especially for marketing and PR), where he has attracted 6400+ real (valuable) followers. (Graeme on Twitter).

He also has an additional 6500 followers on Flipboard. (Graeme on Flipboard).

For years, he has received consistently high influencer ratings on sites such as Klout. (Graeme on Klout).

As someone who has networked extensively with investors over the years, and as an advisor and sometime investor in select clients of his own, Graeme is also a part of the very active Angel List community. (Graeme on Angel List).

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(Graeme's personal blog is here).

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