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Love – It’s What You Do

By Graeme Thickins | Dec 1, 2017

Do what you love. How many times have you heard that? Maybe you’ve put it into practice in your career. If so, lucky you. But how many people go to work every day to do something they don’t love? Or take a major in college because they’re told they should, but don’t really love. Or…

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What Is a Brand Story? And Why Do You Need One?

By Graeme Thickins | Aug 17, 2017

As marketers, we’re nothing if not storytellers – at least if we consider ourselves brand marketers or content marketers. (Or how about PR people – they’re all about stories, too.) But we don’t generally use the term “storyteller” to describe ourselves at cocktail parties or whatever. Meaning, we don’t focus on it, think about it a…

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Positioning Statement? Tagline? Mantra?

By Graeme Thickins | May 31, 2017

Let’s look at three terms that get tossed around a lot in marketing circles. What do they mean, and how does one differ from the other? Think of them as tools on your marketing toolbox — when would you use one versus the other? Though many may consider these three terms somewhat interchangeable, they really…

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The Only Thing Standing Between You and Commodity Pricing

By Graeme Thickins | Feb 25, 2017

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about brand. I mean, who wants commodity pricing? That’s why, as a business owner, understanding the value of a brand is crucial. Why would someone pay you more for your product or service than what the other guy charges for seemingly the same thing? Enter the concept of brand equity.…

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Naming Your Startup: 7 Tips for Success

By Graeme Thickins | Dec 19, 2016

Once you’ve made the decision to start a new business and have at least the basic resources in place, undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is deciding what to name it. For a task that seems so simple on the surface, most experienced entrepreneurs will admit that they spend an inordinate amount of…

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What Is Positioning?

By Graeme Thickins | Nov 25, 2016

If there’s a marketing term that gets thrown around more than any other, it’s “positioning.” I can’t imagine a marketing plan out there that doesn’t include it, multiple times. But it’s been used and abused so widely, by so many, for so long that it’s likely many people can’t really articulate what it means or why it’s important.…

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What Is a Brand?

By Graeme Thickins | Nov 16, 2016

In my continuing theme of talking about the basics of marketing in these first posts of my new blog, I’m moving on to a favorite topic: branding. Again, I’m harking back to some notes I made several years ago after studying the writings of many smart people on the topic of what branding (in the corporate and product sense) is…

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Thoughts on the Meaning of Marketing

By Graeme Thickins | Nov 11, 2016

I’ve been publicly writing and blogging for many years now, actually well before blogs were a thing. I started a tech trends email newsletter back in the late ’90s that was subscribed to by thousands of tech leaders and influentials, all over the country (heaviest in Silicon Valley). That was a trip. I still have a…

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Let’s Talk Marketing!

By Graeme Thickins | Nov 10, 2016

That will be the focus of this new blog — all things marketing. Yes, this is the first post of my new company blog… which I’m starting shortly after launching my new, improved company web site in recent weeks. That was quite a story in itself, which I wrote about here. That link goes to my personal…

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